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15-01-2018 16:27
Last night i saw another in the auctionhouse. I searched, no Runner, went out, searched again, there it was, i tried to bit but it was already too late. The auction was over within 15 to 20 seconds. Thats insane.

15-01-2018 16:24
The RAM Runner was just released during a BM-related Forzathon, but you can buy it in the auctionhouse without the DLC. I already bit on one. That wouldnt be possible if you need the DLC. Wink

15-01-2018 15:11
Yea that way you can run up and down without the dam race ending lol

15-01-2018 14:50
Ok I like how you put finish line off to side, Ralph. Trying s couple of your bucket list, there, too

15-01-2018 14:29
i wasnt really planning on getting them all, not sure when i will ever drive them. but i won the ford gt, the supra and a handful of others on wheelspins, so i sorta ended up with most of them.

15-01-2018 14:29

15-01-2018 12:11
Yep, I'm thinking about giving him the 2mill and be done with it. lol IDK what's up with the Ram, must be super rare. I better get busy making money to be able too afford one.

15-01-2018 10:59
yeah i got em all except same 12mini and the ram too. some guy is buying all the mini coopers and reselling for 2mil. bidding up every single one to 2 mil thats less then reposting them. so prob wont get that one until that jazz cools off.

15-01-2018 06:59
Just started doing the street races, dam they're difficult, didn't know hyper cars were included in street racing. Not very much thought went into street races. lol

13-01-2018 12:36
I've got all HE cars but 2, the '12 Mini John Cooper Works GP Horizon Edition and the '13 Ram Runner Horizon Edition. The Ram is nowhere to be found and the mini I'll get soon as I refill my $$. lol

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The Rebuild of Skoggit Country Road
Here are a few screenshots provided by Sub.


The Rebuild of Skoggit Country Road

Here's a 1st look at Skoggit, video provided by Sub.

Skoggit WMV 86.2mb

Looks Good Ralph, looks much better than watching utube.
Smile Thats just so cool! Cant wait!
I'm as happy as a tornado
in a trailer park! Grin
Sub has a Skoggit Dev Journal over at rF MCO Mod home page here. Follow his progress and check out the new screenshots!
Edited by Ralph68 on 03-01-2009 03:27

DeadMans Loop rFactor VCR. Unzip and drop it in rFactor\ReplayFridge\Replays

DeadMans Loop

nice work
It's funny to see I started this nearly 10 years ago. I didn't know a damned thing about 3d modelling or what a giant task it was, but I felt like I'd figured out a way to do it.

I mean, I did release Dead Man's Loop out of it, but i never really liked the look of all the prefab models in it. That's the primary reason I didn't finish it off back then.

In 2012 I got a job as a producer in a 3D game art outsourcing studio and it got me a little closer to learning how to actually model stuff. Just so I could know what everyone was talking about, I took a 3 month class in 3D modelling at a place here in town called Futurep Poly. That really got my head wrapped around it and I knew I'd get back to working on the track at some point.

Then it was all about laying out the rest of the track and seeing if there was a better game to build it for. RFactor 2 seemed like a good place cor it, but the back and forth of building/testin/building/testing was tedious and it burned me out. There was something else I was hanging up on too, but I can't remember what. Work and life in general was getting kind of crazy, so I quit working on the track again.

I discovered that it was pretty easy to work on in AC a couple years ago, but I was still pretty busy and burned out, so I only just got it started in that new environment.

I suspect I'll take more breaks along the way, but I've got a pretty good plan for optimizing my approach now and I've been feverishly pecking away at it for the past week or two. Will I ever finish It? I don't know - but I do a lot more 3D modelling at work now and I'm far more proficient at it than I used to be, so I can at least see a light at the end of the tunnel in that regard. So - We'll see how it goes. I'm certainly having some fun with it now and that's a good sign.
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