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11-02-2018 05:36
Nope I haven't heard from smokin22s, Durod, Bobster and the others in a few years now. We're long over do. I've spoke to Bobster (briefly) think it was a year agao but that's about it.

10-02-2018 19:59
Smokin22s ever come back around to race?

10-02-2018 17:06
Nice to drive with everyone again - long time since I was on-line - missed you leave the game Ralph - bye Smile

09-02-2018 03:02
LoL Sleeper - Can we ask what game - hehe

08-02-2018 11:55
you know, when you play a game that makes you so angry within the first 3 minutes of playing, its time to move on Smile

04-02-2018 19:45
lol - almost up to level 15. Killed my Sunday with FH3

04-02-2018 19:45
I've got a standing desk, so a standing wheel setup sounds cool too. Do you somehow use pedals with that?

04-02-2018 19:43
Funny you should say that, i've been eyeballing a corner of the room with a guitar cab in it i never use. Cab could go in the crawlspace and maybe i could build something there.

04-02-2018 17:42
i honestly wouldnt mind building a more car like arrangement but i do other stuff than just race and this room isnt big enuf for a full seat rig and this big ass electric recliner lol

04-02-2018 17:11
i love my wheel stand pro, i dont think i could go back to sitting at a desk or something and playing on pc, love my recliner, wheelstand pro. and 60inch tv lol

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Eve Online
i had this absurdly long post in the star citizen forum, figured it was not where it should be, so i copied the absurdly long book of a post over here LOL.

just my opinion on eve online..

i think eve online had the potential to be THE PRE-EMINENT space game of all time, but it seemed like they just thought too small. for a while it was almost like inbred players, with LOT of accounts, wanted to keep control, without a lot of new blood coming in. sometimes, the new content seemed so excruciatingly slow to come to the game. and then there was always that week or two until they got a patch to fix the new content, cause it broke eve LOL. how many times, i had to tell new players, big patch make sure you got skill training for at least a week, if not two, who knows WHAT this patch is gonna break LOL. not to mention fiddling with things that dint need fiddling with, then a few months later fiddling it back, then nerfing one ship or the other just out of the blue. was aggravating how much isk i spent on a few ships, that i couldnt give away 6 months later.

griefing and ganking, plus the community that just seemed to deteriorate over the last few years i played eve, finally pushed me over the line, i think. man the chat was just unmoderated nastiness, in all reality. had an awesome chat system and just was filthed, fouled, and spammed to death. i also liked having some space i could do what i wanted in, if i wanted to pvp i could, if i dint want to, i didnt have to. when they made ships scannable in mission space, started to "wink wink" about all the ganking in high sec space, and released ships specifically designed for ganking in high sec, it sorta ruined it for me.

we used to open a mission and then do mining stuff with noobs and help them with their missions and get on their feet, learn the game. too many new guys lost their early on pve ship, or a mining ship or hauler, not knowing at the time it would get easier to replace as time went on, and just quit. i personally dont care for the cutthroat kinda game play, especially the rude, braggy crowing that went along with it.

i figured i was getting to be the odd man out, im not gonna tell someone else how to play. i got tired of being told how to, and the game being changed in ways that were really unnecessary, and i figured i would just vote with my feet. i would rather do cooperative stuff rather than stress out watchin someone get croaked and quit after playin a couple of weeks, cause they dont understand aggro rules or loopholes or whatever.

to be honest, most of the pvp wasnt that exciting really. sit around for hours staring at screen, tryin not to have to get up and be a weenie cause you had to pee, or eat or, well, do anything in the real world. then suddenly, hey its a 50 man fleet, if you dont have a 100 man fleet on your side, run away. even with time dilation, the fleet battles were just lagfests. every medium to large fleet battle, i died without even knowing what happened, had to read the kill mail just to find out what happened. so few small engagements and i just couldnt sit around all that time just tryin to find someone to pvp with, was easier to pop on, kill some npcs, talk to some buddies, then attend to my real life.

realize, these are the things i really didnt like. i really liked the overall concept of the game, with the markets and special ships and stuff. reminded me of mco auctions sometimes, watch out for that special state edition golden unicorn raven or whatever. i prob got a dozen bil in ships sitting around, plus a bunch of isk, if my account still exists. last time i "quit" i sold everything and converted it to isk. this time i just sorta burned out and faded away.

havent been back in quite some time, now, and this time i havent missed it like i did the other times i quit, which is a shame really, i loved that game for years...

ffs damn game still makes me miss the early days, though, made obvious to me, when i realized how stupidly long and wordy this book of a post got to be.
There are two kinds of pedestrians, the quick and the dead
can't say i disagree with most of what you typed down here really.
played it for almost 10 years so ive seen most of the changes you talked about happen too.
specially the grievers and suicide gankers in high sec were a pain in the ars.
as a rule i always was the most afraid when travelling in hi sec in a multi billion ship, everybody is a enemy there.
at least in lo and null sec you know what ever you meet is potentially a enemy or target to pop.
best place i spend time in was wormhole space were you dont have a local that warns you or your potential prey and pve was really worth spending time on.
stopped playing mid 2015 and actually not thought about going back into any time soon, dispite my 3 players mighty fleet mods and so on.
i was a wormhole mercenary and member of a pretty notorious alliance but not missing it much at all.
SC is rapidly going the same way with a few more options like first person shooter elements and such.
im betting the same grievers that lived there lives in eve are now present in SC, witch is a shame because you get killed a lot if you trust to get left alone witch they curtenly dont do...
yeah i actually liked the wormhole content, and i always thought having people show up on local in low or null sec was a big, silly cheat. as much as the devs were in the pocket of the big low sec players, that was never gonna be changed. most of people i had played with had kinda gravitated out of the game, and in the wormhole i just dint have enough people online to do much. wasnt that much fun alone, spent a lot of time in our station, had a few wolfpacks come through, would shoot up p.o.s. guns a bit then leave lol. so i moved back to hi sec after a while.
There are two kinds of pedestrians, the quick and the dead
Well, good news about Eve online has come out.
The free to play bit get's extended so you can actually
do some good stuff without having to pay a monthly fee.

Beeing able to freely play the game in a battlecruiser will
open it up for a larger amount of people and with it you can
easly do lvl 4 pve missions.

If any of you would want to give it a go, ill be happy to play a
support role and hook you up with a nicely fitted battlecruiser
when the time comes you can actually fly it.

Because you will need to train your toon before you can even fly the thing.
Either way i can still help you get thru the first weeks and help do the
tutor missions without problems and make you aware of what kind
of mechanics are involved and so on.

The whole game does require you to have a degree in rocket science but
i played it so long that i can call myself a veteran in that game.

My parked toons (3 of them) have a lot of ship's and goodies and im rich
enough on them to bankroll you a little startup boost.

I'll give a heads up when they roll out this new version of the free to play
part of it soon ....ish
here is the artical about the changes Grin
to bad i still can't fly my big boats for free lol.
ship's like a carrier are so much fun to use, and i
could sum up a a few more that are extremely usefull
to mess up somebody's day in a hurry, like black ops ship's
with jump capability...
so much fun to open a cyno gate (a ship's own jump gate) and
watch the locals run like rat's to get to safety Grin

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