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18-07-2017 07:29
this am said he has 2 new vids. he did have 1 new vid.

18-07-2017 06:55
last night's stream ford deleted aswell. lol

17-07-2017 09:51
but sometimes he did delete what he was streaming tho lol

17-07-2017 09:51
odd, nothing like that happens for me and im subbed too Frown

17-07-2017 06:35
whats up with ford's utube channel, it keeps telling me he has new videos but there's nothing new? lol

11-07-2017 06:49
just logged on we'll see... lol

11-07-2017 06:27
68mb update to uplay today. i wonder what kind of bugs they added with that 1 Grin

09-07-2017 20:33
We figured you had to go save the day Wink

09-07-2017 10:51
hey sry i left so sudden i was typing in F7 chat but didnt realize it wasn't showing up. lol Anywho.. i'm back. =)

09-07-2017 02:20
uplay still down for you dog?

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Port Forwarding
I did a search regarding port forwarding I find a inconsistency in the information regarding port forwarding, not sure which is accurate for todays build.


TCP (outbound) 8000-8005
UDP (outbound) 64090, 64092



Star Citizen uses the following ports, it might be worth Port Forwarding them.
TCP: 8000-8020
UDP: 64090-64110



The game requires the following ports to be open:

TCP 8000 - 8020
UDP 64090 - 64110

yeah, not that easy without official confirmation
but i'm trying these out and let's see what happens when 3.0 rolls out

TCP 8000 - 8020
UDP 64090 - 64110
i had a responce to my ticket today and it seems they havent got a clue either and no mentioning of any ports that need forwarding either.
below is the complete conversation untill now.

LCD-DOG (aka: LCD-DOG) Saturday at 21:15
i tried updating the game to version 26.3 and it never started downloading, so i tried uninstalling it and downloading a new launcher and installed that and after running it it stopped with still needing to do 25.1gb to go. i have a 200mb fiber connection witch should have done it all in about 30-ish minutes tops but im now 3 days after this problem started and getting nowere so any help on it would be apreciated.

Dany Avignon Monday at 23:10
Hello, Marc,

Thank you for contacting RSI Player Relations! There are a number of things you can try to see if the issue gets resolved.


• Try Restarting your PC and attempt to complete the patch.

[Reset Network Adapter]

While your launcher is open and stalled do the following:

• Go to the windows network and sharing center.
• Click "Change Adapter Settings" in the left sidebar.
• Right Click on your Internet connection.
• Select "Disable".
• Right click your Internet Connection again and hit "Enable"
• In the launcher, pause the download.
• Resume the download.

[Reset Router]

• Should you be using a router simply power it down for 30 seconds and power it back up again


A bit more complex; the use of a VPN has been a very successful solution to this problem.

• Activate VPN Service.
• Once you have a VPN enabled, attempt to complete the download.

Should you need a free VPN Service that we have confirmed to work as a solution for this problem we recommend checking out Tunnelbear found here: https://www.tunne...

[HTTP Method]

To switch to HTTP downloads, please do the following:

• Completely close out your launcher.
• Navigate to your "Cloud Imperium Games\Patcher" folder.
• Open the PatcherState file in a text editor.
• Change downloadMethod = Torrent to downloadMethod = HTTP
• Save the file and re-open the Launcher.

If none of the solutions listed above work for you please let us know!

eCommerce Specialist

LCD-DOG (aka: LCD-DOG) Today at 08:22
Hello Dany,

Thank you for the responce.
I managed to complete the update after setting up my router
with the DMZ function and a few restarts, so you can set this case
to resolved.
I did try all the other options except for the vpn by the way.
I hope this problem won't return when version 3.0 goes live.

Thank you and regards
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