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18-11-2017 22:01
The best feature of it is the free tuningparts, which you can sell over and over again (buy selling and closing the game via taskmanager) to grind money for cars. Grin (yt-videos better explain it.)

18-11-2017 22:00
Grats for 15 years 10secondrides. Thumb Up ...regarding DeLuxe-Ed from NFS15, i got it for free throughout Origin-Access. Activated the free-month, took the DeLuxe-upgrade and canceled Origin-access. It worked that i could keep it. Wink Maybe still works

18-11-2017 10:31
Congrats for having this site alive for 15 years Smile

18-11-2017 10:31
like when you race against magnus, because he is very fast in his porsche and might just dust you of while using full blast drift tuning. but who knows you might get lucky lol

18-11-2017 10:30
lol, you always were tending to go sideways more then i do so i get it that you favor full drift settings. however later on in the game you will need to find a balance between speed and balance

18-11-2017 07:57
nfs15 is a drifting game all day long, lots of fun. set your handling settings all the way to drift and enjoy. I'm doing much better since I change to full drift. Thumb Up

18-11-2017 05:42
On a side note, I want to mention this website has been here for 15 years. Grin

18-11-2017 05:13
I found the Deluxe Upgrade Pack for $10 but I went through it and read what you get, it doesn't seem worth $10. lol I'ma hold off for now and enjoy the standard version. Smile

17-11-2017 08:08
in any case im happy you can finally enjoy this game now Grin

17-11-2017 07:24
in case you havent found that yet either Smile under performance settings in ya HQ you go all the way down to find manual/ auto gear shifting

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Port Forwarding
I did a search regarding port forwarding I find a inconsistency in the information regarding port forwarding, not sure which is accurate for todays build.


TCP (outbound) 8000-8005
UDP (outbound) 64090, 64092



Star Citizen uses the following ports, it might be worth Port Forwarding them.
TCP: 8000-8020
UDP: 64090-64110



The game requires the following ports to be open:

TCP 8000 - 8020
UDP 64090 - 64110

yeah, not that easy without official confirmation
but i'm trying these out and let's see what happens when 3.0 rolls out

TCP 8000 - 8020
UDP 64090 - 64110
i had a responce to my ticket today and it seems they havent got a clue either and no mentioning of any ports that need forwarding either.
below is the complete conversation untill now.

LCD-DOG (aka: LCD-DOG) Saturday at 21:15
i tried updating the game to version 26.3 and it never started downloading, so i tried uninstalling it and downloading a new launcher and installed that and after running it it stopped with still needing to do 25.1gb to go. i have a 200mb fiber connection witch should have done it all in about 30-ish minutes tops but im now 3 days after this problem started and getting nowere so any help on it would be apreciated.

Dany Avignon Monday at 23:10
Hello, Marc,

Thank you for contacting RSI Player Relations! There are a number of things you can try to see if the issue gets resolved.


• Try Restarting your PC and attempt to complete the patch.

[Reset Network Adapter]

While your launcher is open and stalled do the following:

• Go to the windows network and sharing center.
• Click "Change Adapter Settings" in the left sidebar.
• Right Click on your Internet connection.
• Select "Disable".
• Right click your Internet Connection again and hit "Enable"
• In the launcher, pause the download.
• Resume the download.

[Reset Router]

• Should you be using a router simply power it down for 30 seconds and power it back up again


A bit more complex; the use of a VPN has been a very successful solution to this problem.

• Activate VPN Service.
• Once you have a VPN enabled, attempt to complete the download.

Should you need a free VPN Service that we have confirmed to work as a solution for this problem we recommend checking out Tunnelbear found here: https://www.tunne...

[HTTP Method]

To switch to HTTP downloads, please do the following:

• Completely close out your launcher.
• Navigate to your "Cloud Imperium Games\Patcher" folder.
• Open the PatcherState file in a text editor.
• Change downloadMethod = Torrent to downloadMethod = HTTP
• Save the file and re-open the Launcher.

If none of the solutions listed above work for you please let us know!

eCommerce Specialist

LCD-DOG (aka: LCD-DOG) Today at 08:22
Hello Dany,

Thank you for the responce.
I managed to complete the update after setting up my router
with the DMZ function and a few restarts, so you can set this case
to resolved.
I did try all the other options except for the vpn by the way.
I hope this problem won't return when version 3.0 goes live.

Thank you and regards
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