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06-12-2017 05:47

05-12-2017 21:38

05-12-2017 19:19
the feel is simular to nfs15 as far as cruising would go, but the amount of cars is just staggering

05-12-2017 19:18
you should get the full copy, i did too, not bothered with the dlc, just the full game. and this isnt filled with nfs kids crashing everybody but they actually drive nicely in it. map is small but it sure doesnt feel like it all tho i dont see us cruise

05-12-2017 19:02
and i had the same problem with it in the demo with the g27, not with the t500 and tweaked settings its much better and actually more sim like then arcade. and all the cars handle different too. really not bad at all

05-12-2017 19:01
you know they have adaptors for it? 2 x molex to combine into a single x6 power connector for the card... i had to do that too lol

05-12-2017 19:00
as soon as i can figure out how to record ill make a vid for the settings, dispite the map beeing smallish this is even better then nfs2015 was as far as handling goes. @ ralph, maybe time to install the gtx950? if you dont have the x6 connector for power

05-12-2017 18:34
my game plays on ultra settings np but I took it down a notch set it on high. lol Smile

05-12-2017 18:31
.. i wish I could settle her down a bit more but I think I can tolerate it. May even grab a full copy.

05-12-2017 18:29
My car was exactly like Don's was super jerky handling, even after setting sensitivity to zero it was bad. that wheel damper made the game somewhat enjoyable for me...

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Good video dog shows the map nicely. EA has always made good games imo they just need to get onboard with the whole open roam thing, they are starting to show interest we just need to see how they progress.


yeah, this beeing the first 1 with actaul freeroam, the size of the map
and some very nice car's go nicely with the graphic detail they always have.
In my opinion even nfs rivals looks extremely good for the period it came out in.
It just blew goats that it's a racing game without bloody wheel support, EPIC FAIL!!!

It's also good that the cop's will give you a hard time unlike all previous titles
from the nfs series, were you had to wait for the poor cop's to catch up lmao.

Also nice that they will not show up when you free roam or explore the map.
Thought that was a very smart decision, knowing EA the crates witch you need
to activate for a police chase to happen will not be simular to those in the crew
but are a stop and hit enter kinda deal, so you can just blaze right thru them if the are in the middle of the road. (witch i highly doubt that they will be)
I'm pretty sure the crates will be in parking places and such and not scattered
around the map in the middle of the road. (noobs at ubisoft im pointing at you)

Well, 5 weeks before kickoff... Grin WOOHOOOO!!
Edited by lcd-dog on 04-10-2017 02:12
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