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18-10-2017 10:08
I'm not able to get in either.. #0_35 error

18-10-2017 09:15
The Crew server(s) down, or is it just me - 19.00 hrs 18th Oct 2017 Angry lol hardly ever play these days.

16-10-2017 20:28
I understand the dillema you're in and probably would handle it the same. house beeing a priority and all. to bad you missed the fire sales on cheap high-end vid cards tho

16-10-2017 17:59
i might upgrade vid card after im done with all this house repair, and see how far in the hole i am then LOL

15-10-2017 16:32
DFGT is logitech right? chances are pretty good it will work since it has other logi wheels aswell and they all usually use the same axis-signal

15-10-2017 16:31
you can always try and see if it does recognize the axis sleeper, and you probably will need to upgrade your vid-card soon-ish anyways. but i would not tell you to upgrade because of 1 game lol

15-10-2017 16:28
guess no nfspd for me. besides my vid card being nearly the mininum, it doesnt support my dfgt, and im not buying new wheel

15-10-2017 11:45
Mine's at 2:50,488 atm Pfft

15-10-2017 10:31
best time so far is 2:46 ralph lol not mine tho

15-10-2017 07:26
New challenge Circuit class alfa romeo 8C B09N99L

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SC 3.0
The 3.0 version has come out to the PTU
For those that do not know, that's the version that
finally has planets you can land on and some other reworked stuff.
cool I got a couple emails but didn't get a chance to go through them thoroughly, will have to check it out. Smile

I'm just gonna wait for the PU to roll out with that.
It's a 37gb download mind ya Wink
Also there will be a new installer after that witch will
cut down on patches so it wont be a big download ever again
after that.
I recomend to just wait it out untill citizencon (27th this month)
so if there is some serious buggy stuff still to be killed it will be much
nicer to play with then it probably will be now on the PTU Wink
When it is we should totally go do some with my cutlas don't ya think?
Thanks for the update Dog will wait. Yea man I'm in for that can't wait to check it out now. Grin

to be precise about it, at this moment the avocati (guys selected to do the first test's) have acces to it, after that the concierges (guys that spend 1000 on purchases) and after that the normal backers get acces witch is supposed to be at the 27th this month.
so for us plebs it isnt ready to play even on the PTU yet lol
Edited by lcd-dog on 10-10-2017 05:07
I sure hope they release it to all of us soon Grin

Can't wait to start messing about with sandworms and space whales Wink
Some more news about what's happening in SC

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