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11-02-2018 05:36
Nope I haven't heard from smokin22s, Durod, Bobster and the others in a few years now. We're long over do. I've spoke to Bobster (briefly) think it was a year agao but that's about it.

10-02-2018 19:59
Smokin22s ever come back around to race?

10-02-2018 17:06
Nice to drive with everyone again - long time since I was on-line - missed you leave the game Ralph - bye Smile

09-02-2018 03:02
LoL Sleeper - Can we ask what game - hehe

08-02-2018 11:55
you know, when you play a game that makes you so angry within the first 3 minutes of playing, its time to move on Smile

04-02-2018 19:45
lol - almost up to level 15. Killed my Sunday with FH3

04-02-2018 19:45
I've got a standing desk, so a standing wheel setup sounds cool too. Do you somehow use pedals with that?

04-02-2018 19:43
Funny you should say that, i've been eyeballing a corner of the room with a guitar cab in it i never use. Cab could go in the crawlspace and maybe i could build something there.

04-02-2018 17:42
i honestly wouldnt mind building a more car like arrangement but i do other stuff than just race and this room isnt big enuf for a full seat rig and this big ass electric recliner lol

04-02-2018 17:11
i love my wheel stand pro, i dont think i could go back to sitting at a desk or something and playing on pc, love my recliner, wheelstand pro. and 60inch tv lol

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Hey man I'm thinking about getting the CSL Elite Pedals from fanatec they look way better and are fully adjustable which I really like and $50 cheaper. I'm heading over to youtube check out the reviews on them maybe inside sim racing or something.


Oh.. I see you need to buy the load-cell for the brake pedal, it's $129 making the cost of these pedals $230. Angry
Edited by Ralph68 on 15-11-2017 17:43

I did find this wich would allow me to plug my g25/27 pedals into my T300 base, not sure I want to do that in fact I know I don't want to do that, I want a stand alone adapter to plug it into a usb port. Also haven't found anything that will let me use my csr pedals stand alone, to bad they're better than the g25's.


Just found this old article gonna see if I can find out what's up.
Edited by Ralph68 on 15-11-2017 19:28

Looks like BasherBoards makes the CPX Adapter, bad part is it doesn't specifically say my pedals and out of stock, it says CSR Elite are supported, mine are CSR Standard version.

hey bro this is for you hahaha sickness!

yeah they sure are nice, almost bought those with a CSW but decided to not go with fanatec but thrustmaster instead.

But if i ever get Pro pedals it will be these since they are the absolute best in the bizz Pfft

Wow!.. those pedals are superior lmao Yea bro looks to me like thrustmaster has good pc game support so older and new games won't be a issue like it was for me with my fanatec wheel.

I spent a few hours last night looking for a stand alone adapter for my CSR pedals. Looks to me like I have to make my own, I don't know how to do that so I will settle for the T3PA-Pro's when I'm ready.

The pedals that came with my T300 felt like my foot was going to slide over the top of them when I press it all the way. So.. I elevated the back up a bit putting them at a small angle, will give them a try today hope they feel ok.
Edited by Ralph68 on 16-11-2017 04:23

Yeah i have 50+ (give or take) racing games and they all support thrustmaster wheels.
getting your pedals at a angle of 6 -7 degree's makes them feel a lot better too.
I had to tinker a lot with my chair before i had a angle i felt was good, but once
i had it setup on the right angle i won't go back to flat ever again.
specially with the GT style it's so much closer to real life it's not even funny lol.
And having the Pro shifter holder sitting next to the chair makes it feel like
im in a real car with this th8a pro shifter. Thrustmaster & Playseat FTW Grin
I use the V3, modified with Eladur, in my racing rig. Very good pedals. Right now i use the Fanatec V2 on a temporary racing rig with foldable playseat challenge and modified Fanatec Wheelbase V1 with V2 brushless motor.
All Club Sport Stuff is good quality and a big difference from more affordable wheels.

Load cell brakes are a big difference and can help you shave off some tenths from your laptimes.

I made a dedicated pedal thread at TDUDT


Check out black friday deals for discounts.

And there is always the option to mod Thrustmaster pedals with a load cell. But it is better to just buy a good pedal set with load cells. Not all mods go well.
Most games support different brand devices. But for some, like Forza, you need everything plugged into the wheelhub, just like on consoles.


PS My racing rig has Fanatec V2 wheelhub, V3 pedals, Fanatec Handbrake, Thrustmaster T8 Shifter, DSD Custom made button boxes and a Siminstruments dash.
Edited by MadManCK on 23-11-2017 00:21
Price for the CSW wheel and the pedals is high as you would expect from
a wheel like that, but support in games is poor.
For that reason i went with Thrustmaster and the price combined with a addon
wheel and the shiftercomes out at about the same price as you pay for the
Fanatec wheel and pedals.
All in all i think we have simular quality but i got more bang for my buck.
Sure the addon wheels for fanatec are very nice with led's build into the
wheel but having something that might not be supported 2 years after you
got it like in Ralphs case blows goats and isnt worth it IMO.
The V3 pedals sure are nice, but for a little bit more you can get the
Huesinkveld pedals witch will work in every game and are even a big step up
from the fanatec pedals.
Fanatec might have a big name and has prestige but no support for
something that pricy isnt what i would look for.
And according to Ralph even his T300 RS is a lot better then his old
fanatec, never used 1 so i can't chip in on it but for a wheel that is
1 third of the price his fanatec went for speaks volumes doesnt it?
If i quickly do the math on what you have you could have gone full
sim mode with a OSW DD wheel.
There is also a huge selection of mods, button boxes, dashboards etc
available for thrustmaster wheels so i don't see the point to pay a
extra 300 euro for a brand name Smile
My Fanatec wheel would detect as the wrong wheel 9 out of 10 times, the drivers never came out of beta. The fans are noisy as hell and lately it was doing some weird stuff. It was my fault tho I should have dug around a bit more did a little more research instead of being blinded my the fanatec name. lol Yes my TM T300 is way better than my old fanatec but it was better than my G25.

I agree about being game compatible which was the main problem I had with my fanatec, it didn't work in any new games or some old games. Angry

By the way...

Welcome MadManCK Wink to 10SecRides
The Club Sport series is a completely different ballgame from previous Fanatec Wheels.

So far i have support in about every game, so i don't know where you got your info. Even the Crew has native support for Fanatec Club Sport. With working shifer lights and speedo.

The V3 pedals are half the price of the Heusinkveld (350€ vs 700€). Those look awesome indeed. But the V3 combination of HAL and 90kg loadcell tech makes them very good already.

I have driven the T500, T300 and many other wheels. Fanatec V2 (and V2.5) wheelhub is above these. Especially the adjustable FFB settings during gameplay stands out.
T300 might be the best bang for the buck right now. One of the reasons i picked that wheel for Luny. It has less powerfull FFB than the T500, but feels more precise.

And customer support for me is also very good at Fanatec, but i do have a VIP account with them. Smile
Edited by MadManCK on 24-11-2017 08:27
Thanks for the input guys! Smile

I went with the T3PA-Pro pedal set. I got it on sale black Friday deal for $99.99 at newegg, after tax and shipping total was $105.98.. Not a bad deal at all. Grin

I would have got the TH8A shifter as well but it is sold out. Sad

Newegg is running some crazy good deals.. T300RS $249.99 and many other good deals.
Edited by Ralph68 on 24-11-2017 09:35

My new pedals arrived, very nice indeed. Grin


That bar came off super easy, now they fit under the desk np. Grin
Ralph68 attached the following file:
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