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11-02-2018 05:36
Nope I haven't heard from smokin22s, Durod, Bobster and the others in a few years now. We're long over do. I've spoke to Bobster (briefly) think it was a year agao but that's about it.

10-02-2018 19:59
Smokin22s ever come back around to race?

10-02-2018 17:06
Nice to drive with everyone again - long time since I was on-line - missed you leave the game Ralph - bye Smile

09-02-2018 03:02
LoL Sleeper - Can we ask what game - hehe

08-02-2018 11:55
you know, when you play a game that makes you so angry within the first 3 minutes of playing, its time to move on Smile

04-02-2018 19:45
lol - almost up to level 15. Killed my Sunday with FH3

04-02-2018 19:45
I've got a standing desk, so a standing wheel setup sounds cool too. Do you somehow use pedals with that?

04-02-2018 19:43
Funny you should say that, i've been eyeballing a corner of the room with a guitar cab in it i never use. Cab could go in the crawlspace and maybe i could build something there.

04-02-2018 17:42
i honestly wouldnt mind building a more car like arrangement but i do other stuff than just race and this room isnt big enuf for a full seat rig and this big ass electric recliner lol

04-02-2018 17:11
i love my wheel stand pro, i dont think i could go back to sitting at a desk or something and playing on pc, love my recliner, wheelstand pro. and 60inch tv lol

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GTR2 is installed and updated to v1.2 working on my chops been a while since I drove a sim. Smile

I also have steam reinstalled with Race07 and GTR Evolution ready to go.
Edited by Ralph68 on 05-12-2017 05:21

you should get Assetto corsa for a sim racer Smile

or find a cheapo keycode (30 usd?) for Forza Horizon 3 for laughs

Currently found a good setup for my wheel and it's pretty good.

Map size isn't that great but it doesnt feel small or empty at all.

It's just not that good for cruising at 75 euro when it came out but
for 25 euro it isnt that bad
I installed those too by the way Grin
good deal we should run laps somewhere. Smile

Actually uninstalled them again lol
Currently getting more into FH3 then those old games Grin
The sad part is GTR2 and Evolution are both better than Assetto Corsa. That wasn't worth the 11 bucks I paid for it. lol Angry

i disagree
what makes you say gtr2 / evo are better?
easier to drive? less sim, more arcade?
laser scanned tracks and cars with real life specs for handling
directly from the manufactors.
unlimited ways to modify the game with tracks and cars.
excellent options for the wheel.

Not sure why you think it sucks, but i think it's not that bad
once you get used to sim handling...
It has nothing to do with the sim handling, the game it self don't work as intended. I spent 3 more hrs last night trying to get my paddle shifters working, never happened. Only way I can get my car to move is to use auto trans, to me this makes the game complete shit.

Now that I have this problem I been searching around for a fix, instead I see many others have the same problem as me, sadly I haven't found a fix. I've ran the wheel setup wizard 10 times calibrating my wheel all perfectly then when I get in game.. nothing happens the car don't move. This is why I call the game shit because in my view it is.

Auto clutch means auto clutch but nothing works properly with this game which makes it junk in my opinion, gtr2 and gtr evo both work perfectly no shifter problems or nothing I can even use my H shifter g27 with them, AC I can not. So bro you see now why I call this game shit because it don't work as intended it's a broken game. Angry

I see...
Never had or have the isseus you have with it.
For me it all works without problems...
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