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20-03-2018 12:55
Lol - Also my friends list is all strange, some are mine, others are not. Well done ubi Angry

20-03-2018 10:12
Car lists all messed up - ubi studio - ubi stupid Grin

20-03-2018 03:41
Day 3 - I hope Ubi get the server working today. Angry

19-03-2018 14:23
Looks like ubi have messed up - have they lost everyone's files Angry

19-03-2018 11:22
I'm now getting the same error code as your video: #3_7f0fbc84_142

19-03-2018 10:38
Server Maintenance should be over but I still can't get on. 9.5hr maintenance. Frown

19-03-2018 08:09
Server maintenance must have gotten extended. Frown The server is not working for me today and I wasn't able to play yesterday either, you can see the video I made in the link below. Angry

19-03-2018 05:12
I keep getting, failed to sync achievements Angry

18-03-2018 06:24

15-03-2018 10:44
its like 80 here, in march, what the heck. hope it doesnt mean we are gonna have violent spring storms. i swear if my house gets smacked again, im just walking away from it.

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This is the only LCD DOG I could find. Shock
Ralph68 attached the following file:
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xbox name.. xRalph68x

xbox gt MCOSleeper
There are two kinds of pedestrians, the quick and the dead
got's you both too now, i'll get you invites to the ITME club. the nr1 club in FH3
They do hand outs, 20m a week for a random challenge, get as much as possible
in xp a week. i always make sure im platinum @ 1st day lol.
even a few rounds of goliath make that happen.
save up your perk points and spend them on skills and multipliers like 6 x multi
those greatly enhance what you earn.
concentrate on upgrading the byron bay festival nd ignore the others till you
reached byron bay lvl5, that opens up the goliath run...
also hope you can earn a jaguar F type horizon edition or a subaru BRZ horizon edition.
Don and i have really good tunings shared for them and they are the go too
car to use when running goliath since they payout a bonus xp amount.
once you reached goliath and you run it with the F type x 5 laps you level up 25 ranks at once (so also 25 wheelspins lol) so it goes quickly for a while.
after 400 and up the levels get further away from each other and it slows down
now i need 125k per level so 5 or 6 ranks per 5 laps and about 1.5m per run
still isnt that bad.
at this point i got well over 300 cars and more then a few double horizon edition cars
I built a few other festival locations already lol also found I don't have the expansion blizzard mountain.. do I need it and is it worth having?

I like the club idea sounds great, I was wondering what that [ItMe] thingy was infront of Donnies name. lol Being in a club makes the game a little easier I keep an eye out for the invite! Thanks man very good info here! Smile


Now that I'm looking into it I see many people are complaining about a black loading screen. It looks awesome but I'll wait to hear if yours loads ok
Edited by Ralph68 on 02-01-2018 14:33

I had already just opened second festival. I'm over by first one cleaning up all stuff I missed before, bout outta time before work. Is there in-game chat or just message system?
There are two kinds of pedestrians, the quick and the dead
no ingame chat unfortunately, message system only.

My Gamertag is Belied
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