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20-03-2018 12:55
Lol - Also my friends list is all strange, some are mine, others are not. Well done ubi Angry

20-03-2018 10:12
Car lists all messed up - ubi studio - ubi stupid Grin

20-03-2018 03:41
Day 3 - I hope Ubi get the server working today. Angry

19-03-2018 14:23
Looks like ubi have messed up - have they lost everyone's files Angry

19-03-2018 11:22
I'm now getting the same error code as your video: #3_7f0fbc84_142

19-03-2018 10:38
Server Maintenance should be over but I still can't get on. 9.5hr maintenance. Frown

19-03-2018 08:09
Server maintenance must have gotten extended. Frown The server is not working for me today and I wasn't able to play yesterday either, you can see the video I made in the link below. Angry

19-03-2018 05:12
I keep getting, failed to sync achievements Angry

18-03-2018 06:24

15-03-2018 10:44
its like 80 here, in march, what the heck. hope it doesnt mean we are gonna have violent spring storms. i swear if my house gets smacked again, im just walking away from it.

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Game opens then closes
Found out why my game stopped working, another bird brain move on MS part. I tested it and indeed it does work. It beats uninstalling and re-dl 55gb.


Having the same issue, watching the windows 10 crash log, it seems to be the case that the system loses the direction to the horizon_3.exe if you have installed the game on any other drive then your primary. I don´t know wether this is a windows 10 or FH3 bug, but there is no other option to uninstall and therefore reinstall the game. In my case, i have this issue every time i am playing FH3 for hours, shut down my PC and login the next day. So, at the moment this is not playable for me as i dont want to download 55GB every day...
I don´t know if a rollback to windows 10 build 1703 would help, I will try that soon, reporting back here then.

To the FH3 Team, I would much appreciate it if you could adress this problem since there are more and more people complaining about this problem.


i mostly log on to the game thru a quick link on the desktop.\but for me it sometimes doesnt log on and i keep looking at the startup screen beeing
"taken away... woohooohoohoo" without progress (infinite loading)
so i sometimes end up starting and closing down the game 4 - 5 times lol
did you forward all the ports for the game? and the xbox app?
pretty sure a roll back wont do you any good tho.
make a quick link on your desktop
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