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15-01-2018 16:27
Last night i saw another in the auctionhouse. I searched, no Runner, went out, searched again, there it was, i tried to bit but it was already too late. The auction was over within 15 to 20 seconds. Thats insane.

15-01-2018 16:24
The RAM Runner was just released during a BM-related Forzathon, but you can buy it in the auctionhouse without the DLC. I already bit on one. That wouldnt be possible if you need the DLC. Wink

15-01-2018 15:11
Yea that way you can run up and down without the dam race ending lol

15-01-2018 14:50
Ok I like how you put finish line off to side, Ralph. Trying s couple of your bucket list, there, too

15-01-2018 14:29
i wasnt really planning on getting them all, not sure when i will ever drive them. but i won the ford gt, the supra and a handful of others on wheelspins, so i sorta ended up with most of them.

15-01-2018 14:29

15-01-2018 12:11
Yep, I'm thinking about giving him the 2mill and be done with it. lol IDK what's up with the Ram, must be super rare. I better get busy making money to be able too afford one.

15-01-2018 10:59
yeah i got em all except same 12mini and the ram too. some guy is buying all the mini coopers and reselling for 2mil. bidding up every single one to 2 mil thats less then reposting them. so prob wont get that one until that jazz cools off.

15-01-2018 06:59
Just started doing the street races, dam they're difficult, didn't know hyper cars were included in street racing. Not very much thought went into street races. lol

13-01-2018 12:36
I've got all HE cars but 2, the '12 Mini John Cooper Works GP Horizon Edition and the '13 Ram Runner Horizon Edition. The Ram is nowhere to be found and the mini I'll get soon as I refill my $$. lol

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Game opens then closes
Found out why my game stopped working, another bird brain move on MS part. I tested it and indeed it does work. It beats uninstalling and re-dl 55gb.


Having the same issue, watching the windows 10 crash log, it seems to be the case that the system loses the direction to the horizon_3.exe if you have installed the game on any other drive then your primary. I don´t know wether this is a windows 10 or FH3 bug, but there is no other option to uninstall and therefore reinstall the game. In my case, i have this issue every time i am playing FH3 for hours, shut down my PC and login the next day. So, at the moment this is not playable for me as i dont want to download 55GB every day...
I don´t know if a rollback to windows 10 build 1703 would help, I will try that soon, reporting back here then.

To the FH3 Team, I would much appreciate it if you could adress this problem since there are more and more people complaining about this problem.


i mostly log on to the game thru a quick link on the desktop.\but for me it sometimes doesnt log on and i keep looking at the startup screen beeing
"taken away... woohooohoohoo" without progress (infinite loading)
so i sometimes end up starting and closing down the game 4 - 5 times lol
did you forward all the ports for the game? and the xbox app?
pretty sure a roll back wont do you any good tho.
make a quick link on your desktop
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