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15-01-2018 16:27
Last night i saw another in the auctionhouse. I searched, no Runner, went out, searched again, there it was, i tried to bit but it was already too late. The auction was over within 15 to 20 seconds. Thats insane.

15-01-2018 16:24
The RAM Runner was just released during a BM-related Forzathon, but you can buy it in the auctionhouse without the DLC. I already bit on one. That wouldnt be possible if you need the DLC. Wink

15-01-2018 15:11
Yea that way you can run up and down without the dam race ending lol

15-01-2018 14:50
Ok I like how you put finish line off to side, Ralph. Trying s couple of your bucket list, there, too

15-01-2018 14:29
i wasnt really planning on getting them all, not sure when i will ever drive them. but i won the ford gt, the supra and a handful of others on wheelspins, so i sorta ended up with most of them.

15-01-2018 14:29

15-01-2018 12:11
Yep, I'm thinking about giving him the 2mill and be done with it. lol IDK what's up with the Ram, must be super rare. I better get busy making money to be able too afford one.

15-01-2018 10:59
yeah i got em all except same 12mini and the ram too. some guy is buying all the mini coopers and reselling for 2mil. bidding up every single one to 2 mil thats less then reposting them. so prob wont get that one until that jazz cools off.

15-01-2018 06:59
Just started doing the street races, dam they're difficult, didn't know hyper cars were included in street racing. Not very much thought went into street races. lol

13-01-2018 12:36
I've got all HE cars but 2, the '12 Mini John Cooper Works GP Horizon Edition and the '13 Ram Runner Horizon Edition. The Ram is nowhere to be found and the mini I'll get soon as I refill my $$. lol

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@Sub if you don't mind posting a copy of Skoggit that be cool.

I need to reinstall AC maybe this time I can figure out why I can't use manual shifting. If I set my clutch to auto the gears don't change even if I set to manual clutch I still can't get the gears to change. Only way I can play is autotrans and I don't carer for autotrans.
Edited by Ralph68 on 06-01-2018 05:48

I got AC installed and working again but this dam game pisses me off to no extent! I plug my FL2 shifter adapter in the game recognizes it I'm able to go through the gears binding them to their spots 1-7 no problem all lights lite up when I go through each gear perfectly but when I go ingame.. nothing the car stays in neutral and the gears don't work. smh This turns me off to this game big time! unfinished game. imo


I am in the 2015 ford mustang, H shift is suppose to work. Sad
Edited by Ralph68 on 06-01-2018 05:47

Aww man! Sucks that it's giving you so much trouble! Have you looked around the AC forums for any info? There's got to be a hack or something that can fix it. It does seem really odd; especially for a game that's been out for as long as AC has and is still being developed.

Funny thing about controllers in AC, i plug the same Sidewinder joystick in (i know... i know...) that i used for MCO and it works like a charm. I still plan to upgrade to a badass wheel setup at some point, but probably not for awhile.

If you can get your setup working, i think you might like the direction i'm taking skoggit in. I'm redoing the whole town to match the original. I turned all the buildings from rFactor into placeholders and i'm slowly working through it all. It won't be long and i'll have enough buildings and textures to just crank through Hicky and the rest of it. I'm currently just trying to establish what the exact look of each piece will be and then i'll run with it. I'm not far off!

I'll post some screenshots in a bit - just building out a couple tiny objects that i can place around (dumpsters/phone booths, fire hydrants, etc.). I'm strangely invigorated to work on this again. Having the pipeline down to AC is a pretty big help, but i'm also a much better 3D artist than i used to be. Makes it a lot more fun and rewarding.
I need to mess with it a little before i hand off a version of the track. I somehow screwed the AI up horribly and i'd like to fix it before anyone gives it a spin.

In the meantime, here are some screenshots of the beginning of Dead Man's Run where i've been aiming to get all the textures and objects ready for mass production. A lot of this i did a year or two ago, but i didn't like some of the texturing i had and got distracted by other things. Just recently i got back in and fixed the textures that were bothering me and it kind of reinvigorated the project.

There's a ton that isn't finished even in this area, but i'm hitting a pretty good stride while working on it. I think i'll be able to make some good progress soon.


**worth noting - the old MCO cars in these screenshots are just props - they don't actually run in the game. I figured out a process for converting the original cars so that they can be imported into a modern 3D environment. It's kind of a pain, but i was able to power through all of these in a day or two. I'd love to do the rest of em and park them here and there around the track, but i should probably finish the track first.
Edited by Sub on 07-01-2018 01:38
A couple other things really helping with the process this time around:

- I picked up a new machine with a Geforce 1080ti, 8 cores and 64 gigs of ram. It really makes the whole process of building, setting up and testing the track go fast and without any weird hangups. I've also picked up an absurdly wide monitor (as you can tell by the screenshots). It makes the working environment much nicer than the crap i was running on before.

- Sitting right next to this is an XP machine i built just to run MCO and old arcade games. I hooked an xbox 360 controller up to it and configured it to work in the MCO debug free-camera mode so i can fly around the original track more easily and inspect stuff in real-time while i'm working on it. I was always taking screenshots and writing crap down in the past. Now i can just have it sitting next to me with an easy way to navigate around. Soooo much nicer.
Here's a basic overview of the whole track. You can see it's got Hicky's blocked in now and an entire backside that makes it a circuit track instead of point to point. I'll probably see if i can do it just as a point to point like the original first. Those were some awkward turn-arounds, so it might be better to follow through with building out the full circuit, it would just add more time to the project.

i remember learning to do track for f1c, man what a time intensive project it was, i had some fun tracks started but then everyone sorta dropped the mcomod, now i couldnt remember how to do any of it anymore.
There are two kinds of pedestrians, the quick and the dead
The stuff gets deep and complicated, for sure. And it's not enough to know how to model things, you have to know how to texture them and set it all up right to work with a game engine... then integrate it into the game and make AI work right on it. Once you get in a groove it starts to work pretty well, but man it's definitely a tough horse to get up on.
Made some small objects that sit around most of the MCO tracks today. A dumpster, phone booth, newspaper boxes and a fire hydrant. I also finished off some light poles with power lines that match the ones on the original tracks.

I've often wonder why someone hasn't imported a city into the game like Boston or New York instead of a single track that's been around forever. lol I see it's not just import and compile there's a lot to it, props for taking the classes you needed to get a better understanding, I'm sure that help out hugely with your side projects. No worries Sub do what you gotta do we been waiting this long a little longer won't hurt anything. lol looks great though man keep chipping away. Thumb Up

I've always been a bigger fan of fantasy street tracks than any of the world famous circuits. Sometimes I can get into racing circuits, but they usually bore the hell out pretty fast. I guess I was spoiled with MCO, Flatout, Project Torque, and games of the sort. Great tracks in all of those.
Here's a racable version of Skoggit for any who want to check it out. A million things to work on throughout and for some reason the AI is only recognizing one available position, but sometimes that one AI can finish races. lol.

Anyway, i'll drop updated versions under this same link whenever i churn them out.


Unzip this folder to "Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks" and it should show up in-game as a raceable track.

Still waiting for my MS account to officially take my back-up email change so i can finally by fh3. Feb 5th it says - so dumb. In the meantime i'll just plunk around with this.
The last week I been playing FH3, I find it to be a nice distraction from TC. I'll dl and check this version out. Thanks! Thumb Up

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