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20-03-2018 12:55
Lol - Also my friends list is all strange, some are mine, others are not. Well done ubi Angry

20-03-2018 10:12
Car lists all messed up - ubi studio - ubi stupid Grin

20-03-2018 03:41
Day 3 - I hope Ubi get the server working today. Angry

19-03-2018 14:23
Looks like ubi have messed up - have they lost everyone's files Angry

19-03-2018 11:22
I'm now getting the same error code as your video: #3_7f0fbc84_142

19-03-2018 10:38
Server Maintenance should be over but I still can't get on. 9.5hr maintenance. Frown

19-03-2018 08:09
Server maintenance must have gotten extended. Frown The server is not working for me today and I wasn't able to play yesterday either, you can see the video I made in the link below. Angry

19-03-2018 05:12
I keep getting, failed to sync achievements Angry

18-03-2018 06:24

15-03-2018 10:44
its like 80 here, in march, what the heck. hope it doesnt mean we are gonna have violent spring storms. i swear if my house gets smacked again, im just walking away from it.

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Problem with XBox-Live (Awards do not count)
Hey guys, maybe one of you already had the problem or one of you has an idea how to solve it.

Since i started FH3 i can't absolve the Forzathons, because the XBox-app does not synchronise my ingame-achievements. Every award is still locked or blocked, even such silly awards like "Welcome to Australia" which you get when you open your first festival.

I already contacted the xbox-support via twitter, which seems to be the only way to contact them. But they just send me a stupid link how to create an account and wrote "this is how you reset the app".

(You can check the link, maybe i overread something.)

They seem not to read what i explained them. But since they couldn't solve my problem with the vanished Torana in the auctionhouse i'm not wondering anyway. Sad

I'm looked in into the xbox-app with my gamertag, so it should be connected to xbox-live. Otherwise i would not be able to play. At least this is my assumption. I don't know where i should sign in or log in else to connect the xbox-app with the xbox-live. (Forza-hub is also installed and i'm logged in there. There is the same problem. It displays that i drove nearly 8.000 km already, my garage is filled with round about 340 cars and i played for 28 days now. But it shows zero points for awards.)


Checking my xbox-live-status online under xbox.com showed also no problem.


Under windows i resetted my xbox-app already twice. But that seem not to help. Angry
yeah, i got the same thing. it just isnt counting...
OMG they are retarted! Shock

Since i still have the problem and the xbox-support still remains silent to my posts and messages i started a thread in one of our german racegame-boards.

There one player wrote it could be a problem caused by our antispy-beacon program and quoted a post from the official forzamotorsportforum as well:

"Some players are reporting PC achievements are not working. Ensure that your Telemetry and Application Telemetry Settings are enabled and that the service "Connected User Experiences and Telemetry" is enabled. Make sure that any privacy tools you are using allow telemetry to be sent."

I turned a couple of things off in the beacon-program, reseted the xbox-app, restarted my pc and tested again one of the new forzathon-tasks. But still i can't get any awards or rewards. The xbox-app and forza-hub still display zero awards and gamescorepoints for me.

I continue figuring out what the problem is and keep you updated, since i know that at least Dog has the same issue.
So here is the update:

I give up for the moment. It really seems to be the way Drivefast said in the OWR-board. Since we (Dog and me, and probably Ralph too) activated this antispy-program on our WinX we build an "unbreakable wall" between XBox-Live and the game(s).

Not even this shitty windows-update i had last night, that reseted a couple of settings on my pc (incl. soundsystem), was able to tear down this wall.

I tried now a couple of things that all didn't work. The support is no help at all. They just keep asking the same questions and giving the same useless answers over and over again, and when i bump their heads on my previous answers and messages they get silent again.

So it is what it is. We can skip all upcoming forzathons and hope we get the cars as cheap as possible in the auctionshouse.
Already have tried to disable all blocks by the anti spy beacon proggy
and it did nothing at all for my archievements.
Not a big deal for me, i'll just buy the cars from the auction house.
Bit weird tho, i know i have all the ports forwarded for both FH3 and xbox
but even that doesnt do anything at all so **** it
They know perfectly well there is a problem, we are not the only ones complaining about this. A ms problem for sure and they can't fix it smh I checked my achievements and they're not working same as you.

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