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11-02-2018 05:36
Nope I haven't heard from smokin22s, Durod, Bobster and the others in a few years now. We're long over do. I've spoke to Bobster (briefly) think it was a year agao but that's about it.

10-02-2018 19:59
Smokin22s ever come back around to race?

10-02-2018 17:06
Nice to drive with everyone again - long time since I was on-line - missed you leave the game Ralph - bye Smile

09-02-2018 03:02
LoL Sleeper - Can we ask what game - hehe

08-02-2018 11:55
you know, when you play a game that makes you so angry within the first 3 minutes of playing, its time to move on Smile

04-02-2018 19:45
lol - almost up to level 15. Killed my Sunday with FH3

04-02-2018 19:45
I've got a standing desk, so a standing wheel setup sounds cool too. Do you somehow use pedals with that?

04-02-2018 19:43
Funny you should say that, i've been eyeballing a corner of the room with a guitar cab in it i never use. Cab could go in the crawlspace and maybe i could build something there.

04-02-2018 17:42
i honestly wouldnt mind building a more car like arrangement but i do other stuff than just race and this room isnt big enuf for a full seat rig and this big ass electric recliner lol

04-02-2018 17:11
i love my wheel stand pro, i dont think i could go back to sitting at a desk or something and playing on pc, love my recliner, wheelstand pro. and 60inch tv lol

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Windows 10 Creators Update
F***ing MS

My pc decided today to install the Windows 10 Creators Update, why after its been out for so long I have no idea, as normally it says would you like to update to it on the updates page, I have always said no, but that box was not there and it just did it without me knowing.

Then nothing seemed to work right I thought I would do a Restore point, only to find that it had removed them all.

I have a desktop full of icons, after that update it had removed some of mine and put its on there.

Lol - my games Chess & Mahjong had totally gone missing including the desktop shortcuts.

It also turned on so many apps, which I had to go through all of the Settings menus to stop. My WiFi would not work at all, took me over 2 hours to get it to work then the Task bar icon would not show(now working) after google found it a very very common problem.

Looking through my firewall settings I had to block about another 10+ MS apps trying to go on-line.

I hate MS - I hate MS - I hate MS - lol

MS - If you except our terms & conditions then f*** you - we will do what we want Shock Thumb Down

A days lost work - Angry

The air in my apartment is blue with rage - hehe
I guess it's the same update i had last saturday morning. It killed also a couple of desktop- and taskbar-icons (i created myself) and it reset my realtech-audio-settings and Nvidia-settings. (Maybe it reset or deleted a little bit more which i didn't found out yet.)

But the more weird thing is since the update i have problems to start FH3. I start the game, startscreen opens and closes after about 2 seconds. And the solution for that problem, or better said the workaround, is to install a useless app from the ms-store. Then the game starts again. The problem repeats every 2 days (roundabout).

Luckily you don't need to install a new app everytime, it's enough to deinstall an app and reinstall it. So you don't waste your pc with dozens of useless apps.
+1 Be, MS has lost their damn minds. I don't understand how we have to tolerate their spying on us, must be nice to have so much money that you can do whatever you want. I hope someone brings a lawsuit against MS for invasion of privacy idk how they get away with it. Sorry to hear about your troubles hope you get them worked out.

Don I had that same problem I posted the solution in another thread. it has to do with installing your games to a different director. I uninstall the forza hub app or any other small app that's easy to uninstall and reinstall. MS can't remember where it installed the games to so you have to do this every so often to show them where your games are installed. smh @MS

Hi Ralph & Don,

Think I have mostly sorted now, set my firewall to tell me everything that wanted internet access, then blocked anything MS. Lol - now wondering if MS update will work next time.

If only I had made an hd image copy I could have just loaded it back before the update to version 1709 I think its called.

Still cannot find out what it did with the missing desktop short-cuts. On my desktop I have a folder with a copy of them all, so I just copied and pasted them all back, so **** you MS Angry

Another Windows10 bug I encountered if I shut down my pc for the night while I'm logged in to Win10 the following day my ssd's go into scanmode to scan the drives for error's, every time. If I shut down while logged on to Win7 I don't have any problems and my ssd's are fine. I've run diagnostics on my ssd's to be sure they're healthy and not faulty, they're not. It's something with Win10 that doesn't shut down properly that causes it. I would never have win10 as my main os, NEVER. it's the buggyest and most intrusive os to this day.

I encourage people to setup a dual boot system, IF you need windows 10 don't make it your main OS! Why do you think MS was giving it away for free? MS gives nothing away for free unless they have something to gain.

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