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20-03-2018 12:55
Lol - Also my friends list is all strange, some are mine, others are not. Well done ubi Angry

20-03-2018 10:12
Car lists all messed up - ubi studio - ubi stupid Grin

20-03-2018 03:41
Day 3 - I hope Ubi get the server working today. Angry

19-03-2018 14:23
Looks like ubi have messed up - have they lost everyone's files Angry

19-03-2018 11:22
I'm now getting the same error code as your video: #3_7f0fbc84_142

19-03-2018 10:38
Server Maintenance should be over but I still can't get on. 9.5hr maintenance. Frown

19-03-2018 08:09
Server maintenance must have gotten extended. Frown The server is not working for me today and I wasn't able to play yesterday either, you can see the video I made in the link below. Angry

19-03-2018 05:12
I keep getting, failed to sync achievements Angry

18-03-2018 06:24

15-03-2018 10:44
its like 80 here, in march, what the heck. hope it doesnt mean we are gonna have violent spring storms. i swear if my house gets smacked again, im just walking away from it.

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What software to capture video
What are people using to capture game play.

I have tried:
Fraps - big files - ok but stutters every min or so.
FBX - smaller files - ok but stutters every min or so.
OBS - small files - ok but still stutters.

Is a dedicated capture card any better ? like ELGATO HD60 Pro.

Thought my new pc would record without a problem, but no better than my last one.

See specs in my profile. When not recording it plays faultless at 1440p with everything set to ultra etc.

Seems to make no real difference if I go to 1080p and reduce all the settings to min etc in the crew.

LoL - my Dad says I need to use his go-pro to record the screen live - haha - Angry
Before i had Nvidia i used AMD Gaming Evolved to capture videos, but since i have Nvidia and AMD-stuff doesn't work with it i use Shadowplay. You can take a short look at my youtubechannel how the quality is.

If you are refering to The Crew with stutterings you probably wont get rid off it, unless you change some settings in the core-section everytime you start the game. I also still have stutters in The Crew, while i have rocksteady 60 fps (even at 2k-resolution). In this case it's just the game and i'm pretty sure not you pc.

I can't tell that much about other games, since the only 2 (racing)games i played during the last years were NFS15 and FH3. Both games are running very smooth on my new pc, even on 4k-resolution, but also here i have small stutters from time to time (but no comparison to The Crew).

Once i tested OBS (on my last pc) because a friend said the files are smaller than with Shadowplay. Yes they are, but not that much. But more important to me is the handling of the program is way more complicated than Shadowplay and as far as i noticed more resource-eating, because you display your game and in the background OBS also displays a copy of your gamescreen.

Fraps is no option to capture videofootage since it's capturing completely raw material (1 minute = 4 Gbyte). That's insane - a crusingrecord would be several hundred gbyte big.

FBX i don't know. Never heard of it.

A capturecard like Elgato is more for consoles than for pc, because on consoles you have no real option to capture longer videos. I think buying something like this if you only use a pc would be wasted money. Never heard of anyone using an Elgato on a pc. Wink

Thumbs pressed you find a solution. Smile
For years I have used fraps I luv it only bad part is it doesn't work in windows 10, I've read it's suppose to get support for W10 but idk when. For this reason I use Shadowplay, Shadowplay is very good for screen capture as well as recording video. It does have stream capabilities but currently there is no support for youtube, you have to use twitch. I hope youtube gets support because it will be my goto for all-in-one software.

OBS is very good as well but it does not do screen shots, only video and streaming. I also recorded a lot of black screen with OBS so I don't recommend it.

To answer your question more directly I recommend Shadowplay from NVIDIA. Thumb Up Smile

Thanks both.

I have tried Shadowplay but could not find any settings as to screen capture size or frame rates.

As regards Fraps, it worked fine on my last pc and also this new one. It's just that as you know the file sizes are massive and then need converting.

Think OBS seems to work best so far of the ones I've tried.

This may sound strange, but how come a TV HD recorder can record perfect tv video, one of mine shows HD used, and for one hour of 1080p it uses about 8.3GB which is about 138MB a min. So how come a pc cannot compete with it for performance and quality - lol
Shadowplay only captures the framerate when you activate desktoprecording. But i personally favour it having just displayed but hidden on the recorded footage.

But here another program comes to my mind, where you can set this stuff up. Afterburner - here you can choose if you wanna capture your framerate, temperatures etc. or if you just wanna have it visible but not on the videofootage. The filesize is also pretty moderate with afterburner.

Regarding filesize i don't understand it either that no program automatically compresses the footage to usual dvd/bluray-size. I wish there would be a program that does that. I remember i have a Wrestlemania-recording from last year in 1080p which is only around 12 GByte big but around 5 hours long. 5 hours recorded in The Crew in 1080p is around 80 to 100 Gbyte big, way too much to upload it somewhere unless you have a fiberglass-connection with at least 200 mbit upload.

Another thing Dog told me was he can play with 1080p and shadowplay can stream it to youtube in 1440p.
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