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14-09-2017 08:12
yes, played a bit with cyb and steff today and it wasnt bad (knocking on wood)

14-09-2017 07:43
another 23mb uplay patch deployed.. smh

13-09-2017 07:01
Great Channel if you like American Muscle.

09-09-2017 12:25
it's ok now Thumb Up

09-09-2017 06:08
Got the generic reply, how to check the settings on my end. This problem occurred after their patch.. smh

09-09-2017 03:38
I know ubi can't fix shit infact they add more bugs than they fix, but imo this is a uplay issue not a game issue.

08-09-2017 22:58
i just Grin at anybody hoping ubisoft can fix shit

08-09-2017 09:05
lol Ralph - That's super optimistic Smile

08-09-2017 08:05
I sent a support ticket with a note and a couple videos showing the trouble we're having, hope they fix it soon.

08-09-2017 06:14
I will not hurt Ubi I will not hurt Ubi I will not hurt Ubi Shock Shock Shock Pfft

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